International Wine Competition 2015
<big>International Wine Competition 2015</big><big></big><big></big><b></b>

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015

has granted

A silver medal

to the Cuvée Blanc de Noirs Brut Grand cru

Champagne Etienne LEFEVRE


Tasted 100% Blind
<big>Tasted 100% Blind</big><big></big><big></big><b></b>
Champagne Prestige Grand cru

Sparkling wine, with a quite creamy intense mousse, and a medium towards deep straw colour, I would say. Quite rich and intense notes here.

First of all it is showing off some intense floral notes, come hints of the lees, then I get some notes of pear, ripe apple, ripe citrus and some red berry notes as well.
Bone dry on the palate, this is probably extra brut, not a lot of dosage there.
There could be a little hint of oak as well, according to my palate. Much more of I would say, vinous, small grower style, in terms of dryness. Fairly ripe fruit, good purity of fruit, quite persistent.

In this one, I would say I get the freshness of Chardonnay, but I also get some more of that depth and fruitiness of a Pinot Noir.
Very crisp, high level of acidity there, but well integrated I would say, thanks to that richness of fruit. Creamy mid-palate, well rounded, the mousse is fincly integrated there. It keeps lingering, it really has a good length.

Interesting, personal champagne. Let’s say with a good balance, a certain maturity and complexity due to those leesy notes.
Finely drinkable today and should easily evolve as well.

Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson – November 2015

A Champagne Moment

A Champagne Moment

Etienne Lefèvre is in Verzy, one of 17 grand cru villages (of 319 champagne villages in all) on the Montagne de Reims. This isn’t so much a mountain as a large gentle plateau, with vines up the sides, villages around the edge and forest across the top.
M Lefèvre’s is a fine first stop. As we toured the winery and cellar, he explained champagne matters with exceeding clarity.
For those who couldn’t manage the French, his beautiful daughter had a spellbinding command of English. The advantage of one such “backstage” tour is that it gets you out of future tours.
Unless you’re a specialist, champagne wineries are pretty similar.
Thus might you concentrate on the tasting, as we now did. Tasting champagne is easy. You look at the glass, note the colour and size of bubbles (small and vigorous is good), sniff and then sip. If it is a mainly young champagne, around two years old, say: “I detect notes of peach and lime blossom”; if a little older, “notes of brioche and tobacco” and if good enough to have aged seven years or more, “mushroom, toast and coffee”. Chuck in “medlar fruit”, avoid the really stupid (“battered cod”) and you’ll be part of the family.
We had a Réserve Carte-d’Or full of pinot noir at €14.90 (£10.70) and a first-rate 2005 grand cru vintage at €32 (£23). If produced by the grand brands, similar champagne would, I’d say, cost at least €10 more in France and considerably more again in Britain. We moved up out of Verzy to the woodland above.

The Daily Telegraph - 11 July 2015 – Anthony Peregrine

International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
<big>International Wine & Spirit Competition</big><big></big><big></big>

We are happy to inform you that our Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut Grand cru has just been rewarded during the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), realized in May 2014 in the United Kingdom (Surrey).

This competition which exists for 45 years, selects only Wine professionals for the blind tasting : Masters of Wine, buyers, sommeliers, WSET qualified educators and respected wine journalists

Our Champagne has received the best reward : “Gold outstanding” and it ranks among the 10 best Champagnes presented on a total of 223 Champagnes tasted.

Tasting note :
A gentle fizz with a well-integrated citrus note and a lingering hint of strawberries and cream. Quite delicious.

We invite you to discover or rediscover our Blanc de Noirs! Tchin tchin!

For more information about this competition, follow this link :

Destination France
<big><big><big>Destination Franc</big>e</big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big><big></big>

Champagne Etienne Lefèvre is in Verzy, a village known for its forest with rare Fau beechees with twisted, knotted branches.

The Lefevre’s family Grand cru vineyards are in both Verzy and nearby Verzenay and the wine is stored in deep, underground chalk cellars.

A visit here leaves you in no doubt about the family’s passion for their produce.

Carmen Konopka - Summer 2013

Wine Luxe Challenge
<big><big>Wine Luxe Challenge</big><big></big><big></big><big></big></big><big></big>
Carte Blanche Brut Grand cru


Golden yellow hue with very fines bubbles.

It has fresh fruit notes and also plum and yeast aromas.

The palet is very living and well structure.

An elegant and harmonious finish with the end of light fruits.

The Wine Luxe Magazine- Hong - Kong

2012 December

<P align=center><FONT size=5>Gilbert et Gaillard 2012</FONT></P>
Gilbert et Gaillard 2012


Champagne Carte d’Or Brut Grand cru




Deep gold.

Very ripe fruity nose with suggestions of raspberry. Full-bodied, generous, powerful

palate, also showing full-on fruit.


A well-structured Champagnethat works well as an aperitif though preferably as a food Champagne with meat.



Champagne Carte Rosé Brut




Deep orange, coppery colour.

Rich nose with crunchy aromas of super ripe strawberry and wild strawberry.

Full-bodied, fleshy palate framed by freshness and showing more of the overripe aromas.


A scented rosé that works equally well as an appetiser or with food.



Champagne Prestige Brut Grand cru




Beautiful light gold.

Delicious nose with a focused fruit character (white-fleshed fruits, fresh


The palate shows seductive fullness, fruit and wonderful balance of power and



Refined bubbles and persistent aromas. A party drink.



Guide Gilbert et Gaillard - 2012 edition

Champagne Week-end in Reims

<P align=center><FONT size=4><STRONG>Champagne Week-end in Reims</STRONG></FONT></P>

Champagne Etienne Lefevre:While the surfeit of big Champagne houses in Reims and the environs draw the tourists and the oenophiles, there’s something special about a visit to the smaller Champagne producers.

Located in nearby Verzy, Champagne Etienne Lefevre is owned and operated by a family passionate about their wines. If you are fortunate, the matriarch, Anne-Marie Lefevre, will lead you on a tour of the house’s 19th-century cellar.

The estate’s Grand Cru vineyards are 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay and tastings include a silken Brut Rosé and a distinguished Brut Prestige that nearly begs for a dozen oysters.

An afternoon enveloped by the familial atmosphere at Champagne Etienne Lefevre is as delicious and effervescent as the house Champagne.


Edge on the net - october 2012

Gilbert & Gaillard

<P align=center><FONT size=5>Gilbert & Gaillard</FONT></P>



Best Champagnes 2011



Champagne Etienne Lefèvre

Brut Grand cru Cuvée Prestige



Gilbert et Gaillard N°7 Winter 2011

Fizzical Education

<P align=center><FONT size=5 face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Fizzical Education</FONT></P>




Verzy is the heartland of pinot noir grapes , and is one of only 17 grands crus villages out of more than 300 in Champagne .


Mme Lefèvre started our tasting with a champagne made up of 75% pinot noir, 25% chardonnay. This is a non-vintage champagne, created mostly from 2006 grapes. She pointed out the small bubbles rising in a steady stream from the bottom of the glass – a sign of quality.


What we thought was a good Grand cru champagne was a bargain at 14 euros but it was surpassed by the Cuvée des Ancêtres 2004 vintage . A vintage champagne is made from grapes gathered in a single good year.


This one is a Blanc de Noirs , made only from black pinot noir grapes, but is golden yellow in colour. With prompting from Mme Lefèvre, I’m getting honey and candied fruits on the nose, and orange blossom on the tongue.


And a mild pain in the wallet, at 32 euros a bottle.




Richard Williams


"Fizzical education" The Sunday Times   22.04.12



FRANCE - Britain's biggest-selling magazine about France
<b>FRANCE - Britain's biggest-selling magazine about France</b>
" Having seen the big-business end of champagne, drive out to the Montagne de Reims to see the vineyards themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for the many small producers that are open to the public. These independent vignerons, such as Champagne Etienne Lefèvrein Verzy sell top quality champagne at a fraction of the price. It’s an unmissable experience. "


Having seen the slick operations of the big champagne houses in Reims itself, now see the equally slick but infinitely more affordable produce of the smaller estates. Driving through the villages, look out for signs announcing family businesses that sell their champagne direct to the public.
One such producer is Etienne Lefèvrein the grand cru village of Verzy. The tourist office provides a list of these small producers that are open to the public and, as we called in advance, we had our own personal tour and tasting
As I listened to Madame Lefèvre talk about the labour-intensive process of champagne-making – everything is done by hand, from pruning to harvesting – it is easy to see why vignerons are so fiercely proud and protective of their tradition.

LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR - spécial tourisme
<b>LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR - spécial tourisme</b>

... Mais pour saisir la vérité du vin, il faut rendre visite à un vigneron. Car si les grandes maisons commercialisent 90% de la production, la vigne appartient toujours à ceux qui la cultivent. Nombre de propriétaire récoltant ouvrent aussi les portes de leurs caves ... A Verzy, Anne-Marie et Etienne Lefèvrereçoivent dans leur cellier. Quelques virages plus loin, le phare de Verzenay abrite un musée de la vigne. A voir sans modération.

Die Besten Champagnerlagen
<b>Die Besten Champagnerlagen</b>
... Anne-Marie und Etienne Lefèvresind nicht nur passionierte Winzer. Sie haben eun Herz für Nostalgisches und besitzen eine Sammlung historischer Gerätschaften rund ums Weinmachen, wie sie überhaupt einigen Traditionen verbunden sind, zum Beispiel jener, die der jährlichen Assemblage gilt und die im Familienkreis stattfindet.

"Das ist ein wichtiger Vorgang, den wir nicht einem Kellermeister allein überantworten würden. Erfahrungen mehrerer Generationen müssen hierzu eingebracht werden", sagt Anne-Marie Lefèvre.

Hätte man in Jahre 1621 auch schon Champagner erzeugt, wäre es vielleicht damals ebenso zugegangen - so weit zurück nämlich lässt sich anhand von Dokumenten die Geschichte des Weinbauern namens Lefèvre in Verzy verfolgen...

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